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5-30-15_PM Greg Godwin
5-29-15_PM ABI Drama 2015 Moses
5-20-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-17-15_PM Senior Sunday
5-17-15_AM Senior Sunday
5-13-15_PM ABICA Graduation 2015
5-10-15_PM Moving of the Spirit
5-10-15_AM Rev. Timothy Bollman
5-6-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-3-15_PM Seth Gillet
4-29-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-26-15_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
4-26-15_AM Rev. Douglas Hanscomb
4-22-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-19-15_PM Rev. Timothy Bollmann
4-19-15_AM Rev. Sidney Poe
4-12-15_PM ABI Senior Preaching
4-12-15_AM Rev. Thad Reed
4-8-15_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-5-15_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-5-15_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-29-15_PM Sis. Maria Lopez
3-29-15_AM Bro. Seth Gillet
3-25-15_PM Bro. Lee Stoneking
3-22-15_PM Rev. Andrew Reece
3-22-15_AM Bro. Jeremiah Aldwart
3-18-15_PM Rev. Sam Latta
3-15-15_PM Rev. Sam Latta
3-15-15_AM Rev. Thad Reed
3-11-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-8-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-8-15_AM Bro. Justin Bishop
3-4-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-1-15_PM Rev. Timothy Bollmann
3-1-15_AM Bro. Seth Gillet
2-25-15_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
2-22-15_AM Rev. Thad Reed
2-18-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-15-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-15-15_AM Rev. Timothy Bollmann
2-11-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-8-15_PM Bro. Ryan Near
2-8-15_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-4-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-1-15_PM Bro. Jonathon DeVall
2-1-15_AM Rev. Thad Reed
1-28-15_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
1-25-15_AM All Nations Sunday
1-21-15_PM Rev. James Merrick
1-18-15_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
1-18-15_AM Rev. William Champman
1-14-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-11-15_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
1-11-15_AM Rev. William Chapman
1-7-15_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-28-14_PM Rev. Timothy Bollmann
12-28-14_AM Bro. Seth Gillet
12-21-14_PM A Christmas Baptism
12-21-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-17-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
12-14-14_PM Rev. Thad Reed
12-14-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-13-14_AM Hsahtay Ku (Tom) Funneral
12-10-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-7-14_PM ABI Christmas Program
12-7-14_AM Sunday School Christmas Program
12-3-14_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
11-30-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-30-14_AM Bro. Andrew Reece
11-23-14_PM Rev. Jack Leaman
11-23-14_AM Rev. Tim Bollman
11-19-14_PM Rev. Jack Leaman
11-19-14_PM The Paul Bamber Funeral
11-16-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-16-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
11-12-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
11-9-14_PM Rev. Timothy Bollman
11-9-14_AM Rev. Sidney Poe
11-5-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-2-14_PM Rev. Aaron Wright
11-2-14_AM Updated 15 Baptisms!!!!
10-30-14_PM Rev.Aaron Wright
10-29-14_PM Rev.Aaron Wright
10-26-14_PM Rev. William Chapman
10-26-14_AM Rev.William Chapman
10-24-14_PM Heritage Sing
10-22-14_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
10-22-14_AM Robert A. Sabin Funeral
10-19-14_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
10-19-14_AM Rev. William Chapman
10-12-14_PM Rev. Timothy Bollman
10-12-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
10-8-14_PM Rev.Norman Paslay II
10-5-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-5-14_AM Rev. Stanley Scism
9-28-14_PM praise break service
9-28-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
9-21-14_PM Rev. Timothy Bollman
9-21-14_AM Rev. Arlo Moehlenpah
9-17-14_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
9-14-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
9-10-14_PM Part 2 Rev. William Chapman
9-10-14_PM Part 1 Rev. William Chapman
9-7-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
9-7-14_AM Bro. Seth Gillet
9-3-14_PM Lightning Hits
8-31-14_PM Rev. Douglas Hanscomb
8-31-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-27-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-24-14_PM Rev. Thad Reed
8-24-14_AM John Michael Anderson Dedication
8-20-14_PM Sis. Darla Burns
8-17-14_AM Rev. Timothy Bollman
8-13-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-10-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
8-10-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-6-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-3-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-30-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-27-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-27-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-20-14_PM Rev. Thad Reed
7-20-14_AM Rev. Andrew Reece
7-16-14_PM Testimony Service
7-13-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-13-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-6-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-6-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-2-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-29-14_PM Bro. Seth Gillet
6-29-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-25-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-15-14_PM Rev. Jonathan DeVall
6-15-14_AM Bro. Andrew Kilcollins
6-11-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-8-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-4-14_PM Testimony Service
6-1-14_PM ABI Graduation
5-31-14_PM Alumni Service
5-30-14_PM ABI Drama 2014 - Paul
5-21-14_PM ABICA Graduation
5-18-14_PM Senior Service
5-18-14_AM Senior Sunday
5-14-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-11-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-11-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
5-7-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-4-14_PM Rev. Thad Reed
5-4-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-30-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-27-14_PM Sis. Linda Reed
4-27-14_AM Bro. Trevor Lund
4-23-14_PM Rev. Dev Lloyd
4-20-14_PM Rev. Sydney Poe
4-20-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-16-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-13-14_PM Rev. James Merrick
4-13-14_AM Rev. Sidney Poe
4-8-14_PM Maeojean Norris Funeral
4-6-14_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-6-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-2-14_PM Rev. Norman Pasley
3-30-14_PM Sis. Rebekah Reece
3-30-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-26-14_PM Rev. Art Hodges III
3-23-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-19-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-16-14_PM Rev. Andrew Reece
3-16-14_AM Church Department Reports
3-14-14_PM Minnesota Music Conference Concert
3-12-14_PM Rev. Jonathan Reece
3-9-14_PM Rev. Timothy Bollmann
3-9-14_AM Bro. Ryan Goff
3-5-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-2-14_PM Rev. Thad Reed
3-2-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-26-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-23-14_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
2-23-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-19-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-16-14_PM Worship Service
2-16-14_AM Bro. Andrew Kilcollins
2-12-14_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
2-9-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
2-9-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
2-5-14_PM Rev. James Merrick
2-2-14_PM Sis. Rebekah Reece
2-2-14_AM Bro. Seth Gillet
1-29-14_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-26-14_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
1-22-14_PM Rev. James Merrick
1-19-14_PM2 Bro. Seth Gillet
1-19-14_PM Bro. Seth Gillet
1-19-14_AM Rev. Thad Reed
1-15-14_PM Rev. William Chapman
1-12-14_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
1-12-14_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-8-14_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-29-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-29-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
12-22-13_PM Christmas Carol Night
12-22-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-15-13_PM Bro. Seth Gillet
12-15-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
12-11-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-8-13_PM ABI Christmas Music Night "Gloria"
12-8-13_AM Sunday School Christmas Program
12-1-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-27-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-24-13_PM Sis. Ivana Norris
11-24-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-20-13_PM Rev. William Chapman
11-17-13_PM Bro. James Toner
11-17-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
11-16-13_AM Rev. Robert Mark Norris Funeral
11-13-13_PM Rev. Mark Harris
11-10-13_PM Rev. Mark Harris
11-10-13_AM Rev. Gregg Joki
11-6-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-3-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
11-3-13_AM Bro. Andrew Reece
10-30-13_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
10-27-13_PM Rev. Richard Clark
10-27-13_AM Rev. Richard Clark
10-23-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-20-13_PM Bro. Wesley Conway
10-20-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
10-16-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-13-13_PM Rev Kelsey Griffin
10-13-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
10-9-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-6-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
10-6-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
9-29-13_PM Welcome Night
9-29-13_AM Bro. Wesley Conway
9-25-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-22-13_PM Rev. Dr. Arlo Moehlenpah
9-22-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-18-13_PM_Part_2 Bro. Mike Hopkins
9-18-13_PM_Part_1 Bro. Mike Hopkins
9-15-13_PM Bro. James Toner
9-15-13_AM Bro. Jonathon DeVall
9-11-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-8-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-8-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-4-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-1-13_PM Prayer Service
9-1-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-28-13_PM Rev. Dan Flemming
8-25-13_PM Rev. William Chapman
8-25-13_AM Rev. William Chapman
8-24-13_PM Rev. William Chapman
8-18-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
8-18-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
8-14-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-11-13_PM Bro. James Toner
8-11-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-7-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-4-13_PM Rev. Thad Reed
8-4-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-31-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-28-13_PM Bro. James Toner
7-28-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-21-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-21-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-17-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-14-13_PM Rev. Thad Reed
7-14-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-7-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-7-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-3-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-30-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
6-30-13_AM Rev Kelsey Griffin
6-26-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-23-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-23-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
6-16-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-16-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-12-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-9-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-9-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-5-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-2-13_PM ABI Graduation 2013
5-31-13_PM ABI Drama 2013 - Esther
5-26-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
5-26-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-22-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-19-13_PM Class of 2013 Senior Sunday
5-19-13_AM Class of 2013 Senior Sunday
5-15-13_PM ABICA Graduation 2013
5-12-13_PM Sis. Rebekah Reece
5-12-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-8-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-5-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-5-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
5-1-13_PM Rev. William Chapman
4-28-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-28-13_AM Rev Kelsey Griffin
4-24-13_PM Rev. Norman Paslay II
4-21-13_PM Rev. Norman Paslay II
4-21-13_AM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-14-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-14-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-10-13_PM Rev. William Chapman
4-7-13_PM Bro. Curt Cruz
4-7-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
4-5-13_PM Spring Sing
4-3-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-31-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-31-13_AM Rev. Sidney Poe
3-27-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-24-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
3-24-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-20-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-17-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-17-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
3-13-13_PM Rev. Ron Brown
3-10-13_PM Rev. Thad Reed
3-10-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-6-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-3-13_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
3-3-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-27-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-24-13_PM Bro. James Toner
2-24-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-22-13_PM Power Worship Concert
2-20-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-17-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-17-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
2-13-13_PM Rev. Don Martin
2-6-13_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
2-3-13_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
2-3-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-30-13_PM Testimony Service
1-27-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
1-20-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-20-13_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-16-13_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
1-13-13_PM ABI Christmas Program
1-13-13_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
1-9-13_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
1-6-13_AM Rev. Thad Reed
1-2-13_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-30-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-30-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-26-12_PM Rev Kelsey Griffin
12-23-12_PM Rev Gerald Grant
12-19-12_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
12-16-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-16-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-12-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-9-12_AM Sunday School Christmas Program
12-5-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
12-2-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
12-2-12_AM Rev. Travis Miller
11-28-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-25-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-25-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-21-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-18-12_PM Rev. Thad Reed
11-18-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-14-12_PM Rev. Norman Paslay II
11-11-12_AM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
11-7-12_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
11-4-12_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
11-4-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-31-12_PM Rev. Jack Leaman
10-28-12_AM Rev. Travis Miller
10-24-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
10-21-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-21-12_AM Rev. Gregg Joki
10-17-12_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
10-14-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
10-14-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-13-12_AM Rev Keith Leaman Funeral
10-10-12_PM Bro. Andrew Reece
10-7-12_PM Bro. Jonathon DeVall
10-7-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-30-12_PM Welcome Night
9-30-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-26-12_PM Testimony Service
9-23-12_PM Part 2 Rev. Sidney Poe
9-23-12_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
9-23-12_AM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
9-19-12_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
9-16-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-16-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
9-12-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-9-12_PM Rev. Arlo Moehlenpah
9-9-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-5-12_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
9-2-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
9-2-12_AM Rev. Gregg Joki
9-1-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
8-31-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
8-29-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
8-26-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
8-26-12_AM Part II Rev. Travis Miller
8-26-12_AM Rev. Travis Miller
8-22-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-19-12_PM Sis. Darla Burns
8-19-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-8-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-5-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-5-12_AM Bro. Jonathon DeVall
8-1-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-29-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-22-12_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
7-22-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
7-8-12_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall
7-8-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-27-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-24-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-24-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-17-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-17-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
6-13-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-10-12_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall part 2
6-10-12_PM Bro. Johnathon DeVall Part 1
6-10-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-6-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-3-12_PM ABI Graduation 2012
6-3-12_AM Rev. Norman Paslay II
6-2-12_PM Alumni Celebration
5-27-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-27-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-20-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-20-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-16-12_PM ABICA Graduation
5-13-12_PM Senior Sunday
5-13-12_AM Senior Sunday
5-9-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-6-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-6-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
5-2-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-29-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-29-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-25-12_PM Rev. Art Hodges III
4-22-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-22-12_AM Bro. Andrew Reece
4-20-12_PM 4ward
4-18-12_PM Superkids Rally
4-15-12_PM Old Fashion Music
4-15-12_AM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-14-12_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-12-12_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
4-8-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-8-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-1-12_PM Rev. Norman Paslay II
4-1-12_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-28-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-25-12_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
3-25-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-21-12_PM Rev. Talmadge French
3-18-12_PM Songs From Here
3-18-12_AM Rev Kelsey Griffin
3-11-12_PM Rev. Sidney Poe
3-11-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-7-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-4-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-4-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-29-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
2-26-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
2-26-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
2-22-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-19-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-15-12_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
2-12-12_PM Bro. Alex Fuestel
2-12-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-8-12_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
2-5-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffen
2-1-12_PM Old Fashion Music Part 2
2-1-12_PM Old Fashion Music Part 1
1-29-12_PM Rev. Travis Miller
1-29-12_AM Rev. Travis Miller
1-25-12_PM Mr. Bernie Penner
1-22-12_PM Rev. Dr. Sidney Poe
1-22-12_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-18-12_PM Rev. William Chapman
1-11-12_PM Rev. James Merrick
1-8-12_PM Johnathon DeVall
1-8-12_AM Rev. Thad Reed
1-4-12_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-28-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-25-11_AM Christmas Story
12-21-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-18-11_PM Sis. Cindy White
12-18-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-14-11_PM Rev. Kennith Reed
12-11-11_PM Christmas Concert
12-11-11_AM Christmas Program 2
12-11-11_AM Sunday School Christmas
12-7-11_PM Rev. James Merrick
12-4-11_PM Rev. Travis Miller
12-4-11_AM Rev. Travis Miller
11-30-11_PM No Service
11-27-11_PM Rev. Lucas
11-27-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-23-11_PM Testimony Service
11-20-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-20-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
11-16-11_PM Bro. Talmadge French
11-13-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-13-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
11-9-11_PM Rev. Dan Flemming
11-6-11_PM Rev. Dr. Sidney Poe
11-6-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
11-2-11_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
10-30-11_PM Alex Fuestel
10-30-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
10-26-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-23-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-23-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
10-19-11_PM Testimony Service
10-16-11_PM Rev. Lee Stoneking
10-16-11_AM Johnathon DeVall
10-9-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
10-9-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
10-5-11_PM Rev. Mark Harris
10-2-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-28-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
9-25-11_PM Sis. Darla Burns
9-25-11_AM Rev. Nancy Renner
9-21-11_PM part 2 Rev. Mark Harris
9-21-11_PM Rev. Mark Harris
9-18-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
9-18-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-14-11_PM Rev. Richard Lucas
9-11-11_PM Rev. Arlo Moehlenpah
9-11-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-7-11_PM Rev. Daniel Flemming
9-4-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
9-4-11_AM Rev. George Sievers
8-31-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-28-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-24-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
8-21-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
8-21-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
8-17-11_PM Rev. Richard Lucas
8-14-11_PM Rev Robert Hackler
8-14-11_AM Rev. Robert Hackler
8-10-11_PM Bro. Mike Rieder
7-31-11_PM Bro. Johnathon Devall
7-31-11_AM Rev. Marlon Miller
7-24-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
7-24-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-20-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-17-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-17-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
7-10-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
7-10-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
7-6-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
6-26-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-26-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
6-19-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
6-12-11_PM Rev. Richard Lucas
6-12-11_AM Rev. George Sievers
6-8-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
6-5-11_PM ABI Graduation 2011
6-4-11_PM Bro. Lee Stoneking
6-3-11_PM ABI Drama 2011 - Samson
5-29-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-25-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-22-11_PM Timothy Lucas
5-22-11_AM Jonathan DeVall
5-20-11_PM Nigel Ali
5-18-11_PM ACE Graduation
5-15-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
5-15-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
5-11-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-8-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
5-8-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-4-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
5-1-11_AM Rev. George Sievers
4-27-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-24-11_PM Communion Service
4-24-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
4-20-11_PM Rev. Ronald Brown
4-17-11_PM Rev. David Ferrell
4-17-11_AM Rev. David Ferrell
4-16-11_PM Rev. David Ferrell
4-13-11_PM The David Ferrells
4-10-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
4-10-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
4-6-11_PM SuperKids
4-3-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
4-3-11_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-27-11_AM Rev. Richard Lucas
3-23-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-20-11_PM Bro. James King
3-20-11_AM Tucker Johnson
3-16-11_PM Testimony Service
3-13-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-13-11_AM Rev. Gerald Grant
3-9-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
3-6-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
3-6-11_AM Bro. Scott Hackler
3-2-11_PM Bro. Tim Wachtstetter
2-27-11_PM Rev. Gregg Joki
2-27-11_AM Rev. Dr. Sidney Poe
2-23-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-20-11_AM Rev. George Sievers
2-16-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
2-13-11_PM Bro Mike Rieder
2-13-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
2-9-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-23-11_PM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
1-23-11_AM Rev. George Sievers
1-19-11_PM Rev. Don Flemming
1-16-11_PM christmas concert
1-16-11_AM Rev. Thad Reed
1-14-11_PM Spring Concert
1-12-11_PM Rev. James Merrick
1-9-11_PM Rev. George Sievers
1-9-11_AM Bro. Jerry Simmons
1-5-11_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-29-10_PM Rev. Richard Lucas
12-26-10_PM Rev. Richard Lucas
12-26-10_AM Rev. Kelsey Griffin
12-22-10_PM Rev. Gerald Grant
12-19-10_PM Rev. Bennie DeMerchant
12-19-10_AM ABI Christmas Program

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